The Upper Merion Lacrosse Club is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2005 to promote quality lacrosse education to the Upper Merion Township community. The Club aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization that provides a hig

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Travel/Tournament Lacrosse Programs and Tryouts

Below is a list of travel summer lacrosse programs available to your daughter.  Some programs start as early as 4th grade and go through to high school.  We do not endorse one specific club since coaches and philosophies may change year to year.  If you want to hit the tournaments next summer, you need to plan NOW.  Tryouts are just around the corner and clubs like to know how many kids they have and need in order to plan expenses for the upcoming summer. Most tryouts start in July so if you are interested go to their websites and check the dates now!  Some of the teams may be doing some fall tournaments as well.

Some things to know:


  **These programs do not replace the spring UMLC season, they are in addition to our regular season!  These clubs are an opportunity to step up your game and play beyond the regular season.**
  1.  It is up to you to confirm the dates and times on the web sites as they may change.

  2.  The programs are more expensive than our spring league.  You need to decide for yourselves if this is something that will benefit your daughter. 

  3.  Higher level players desiring to play in high school and beyond often play summer lacrosse to continue work on and improve their lacrosse skills.


 4.  Keep in mind that these teams are gaining in popularity and becoming more competitive given the growth of lacrosse.  You may need to try out for more than one team, if it is your first time due a team’s popularity or the carryover of players from the previous year.
5.  It is true that some clubs are more competitive than others, and some clubs have better coaches at particular age levels. Sometimes it is best to get an opinion from a parent of a player for a particular club. Usually a recommendation from a knowledgeable parent goes a long way.
6.  Below you will see a list of some of the local clubs. We do not endorse one over the other because each player has a different need and each program has their own particular strengths and weaknesses and you are the one who is ultimately responsible, so . . . do your homework. Each year more and more clubs are popping up in the area!

7.  If you are serious about making a team, plan to attend both try out dates if 2 are offered, even though the team may only require you to attend 1 try out. Trying out for 2-3 teams can be good experience for players to get the nervousness out of their system.

Check each web site for times, locations, try out fees, waivers etc...